They have the tool

Send a message straight to our subscribers. Draw their attention with the most direct form of outreach that exists: text messaging.


We have the audience

More than 500,000 subscribers have signed up to our service and about 1,500 new subscribers sign up every day. They are waiting for you!


You have the message

You have a pitch, a great service or product. You've ordered business cards, printed a flyer or a poster. You've placed ads or classifieds. So it's time to send your content directly to your future customers.


We send millions of messages to thousands of mobile phones each month. Send your own 150-character message or tag along any one of our messages with a 50-character "tag".


Ask subscribers to reply to your message. You can gather open answers or yes/no type answers to questions. Use this data to segment your market into groups.

Get Clicks

Place a weblink in your message. Have subscribers click and like a facebook page, follow a twitter account, or visit a website. Count clicks on flyers, videos, and audio clips.

Go Viral

Reach beyond our network. Allow our subscribers to share your message with their friends. We have a special feature to help them forward your messages to their contacts.

Featured Client

Relaid & PaseLaVoz®

PaseLaVoz means "to relay a message" in Spanish. Subscribers to Relaid/PaseLaVoz enjoy the unique power of sharing local tips instantly with their neighbors, community and peers.

Why ReK2?

  • Scheduled or urgent messaging
  • Flexible pricing fits any budget
  • Bilingual translations included
  • Results are immediate and trackable
  • Reach people anytime anywhere
  • Helps you learn about your customers

If you like our platform and want an individual offer, please contact us.hi@rek2.net1 (888) 885-8548

A few of our past and present customers and partners